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Our cofounder Natasha Burton suffered a vitamin deficiency and was diagnosed with MS at an early age; as a result she lost her eye sight. She took a holistic approach to her health, increased her vitamin intake, and started to eat healthy. She created several vitamin infused snacks, all aimed to reverse her vitamin deficiency. As a result, she regained her eyesight and began the process of creating several vitamin infused snacks. Popcorn being her favorite snack, was the first snack she created and viola VitaPop was born!

Our cofounder Mahisha Dellinger is a successful entrepreneur, wife and mother of four. Her daily fiscal and familial demands leave little time for her to Create customized meals to suit her picky eater, Isabella. Often times Isabella refuses to eat the wholesome dinners prepared. Ensuring that Isabella has all of the nutrients to thrive is important to Mahisha. When Isabella discovered that her favorite snack, VitaPop Popcorn, is infused with over 15 essential vitamins, she became an instant fan! Now when Isabella refuses a healthy snack, Mahisha feels good about giving her VitaPop.